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The 1/4th and the 1/5th Battalions of the Yorkshire Regiment were both in the 150th Brigade of the 50th [Northumbrian] Division and their activities in the First World War were very similar.
Both Battalions went to same areas at the same time and fought in the same Battles - in the same trenches, but often on different days etc.
The 1/5th Yorks Diary, therefore, sees the experiences of the 1/4th Battalion through different eyes and obviously includes information on events that the 1/4th Diary omits.
Both were Territorial Force Battalions and whereas the 1/4th Yorks was comprised of men from the North part of the North Riding of Yorkshire, the 1/5th Yorks was formed of men from the South part.
They were known as the Scarborough or Beverley "Terriers" and originally these two towns, along with neighbouring Driffield, Malton, Pickering, Bridlington, Filey etc provided the Volunteers.
Such were the losses during the War, that the personnel of both Battalions changed several times. National conscription was introduced at the beginning of 1916. Bulk transfers were sometimes made from one Battalion to another. The Bn that was decimated on the Aisne in May 1918 was, therefore, unrecognisable from the one that had embarked for France in April 1915 and had by then lost the biggest part of its purely local attachment.
A Battalion at full strength was about 1,000 men and most Infantry Battalions in the First World War each had around 1,000 killed and something like 4 or 5 times that number wounded or taken prisoner.

Page 1 1915. April. Embarkation - Ypres Salient - Battle of St Julien.

Page 2 May, June. Ypres - Sanctuary Wood - Battle of Bellewaarde.

Page 3 July, Aug, Sep, Oct. Ypres - Holding the Line at Armentieres.

Page 4 Nov, Dec, Jan 1916. Armentieres - back to Ypres - Railway Dugouts.

Page 5 1916 Feb, March, April. Ypres - Sanctuary Wood - Railway Dugouts - to Kemmel area.

Page 6 May, June, July. Holding the Line at Kemmel.

Page 7 July. Report on Raid carried out on Enemy Trenches.

Page 8 July. Report on Raid carried out on Enemy Trenches.

Page 9 Aug, Sep, Oct. To the Somme - Battle of Flers-Courcelettes - many Casualties.

Page 10 Nov, Dec, Jan 1917, Feb. Bazentin - Hexham Rd - Flers Line - more losses. - move to French Sector..

Page 11 1917 March, April, May. French Sector - 9 marches to Arras - heavy losses.

Page 12 June, July, August. Fighting East of Arras.

Page 13 Sep, Oct, Nov. Arras - back to Ypres - last days of Passchendaele..

Page 14 November. Programme of Battalion Training.

Page 15 1918 Dec, Jan 1918, Feb. Defending the Ypres Salient.

Page 16 March. Back to the Somme - German offensive - Battle of St Quentin.

Page 17 March. German offensive - Battle of St Quentin..

Page 18 March. German advance towards Amiens - terrible Casualties.

Page 19 April. Somme - to River Lys - Second German offensive - Battle of Estaires.

Page 20 May. To the Aisne - Craonne - Third German Offensive - Battalion decimated.

Page 21 June to November. Aisne - Battalion reduced to 41, cadre at coast - demobilised 6th Nov.

Page 22 Prisoners of War in Date of Death Order.


Page 23 Abraham to Brydon.

Page 24 Buck to Dawson.

Page 25 Dawson to Garrigill.

Page 26 Garton to Howe.

Page 27 Howlett to Lockwood.

Page 28 Lomas to Parker.

Page 29 Parker to Salmon.

Page 30 Sanderson to Townsend.

Page 31 Townsend to Wilson.

Page 32 Townsend to Wilson.

Page 33 Wilson to Young.

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