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Ypres - to Armentieres - holding the Line.

The Battalion were moved from the Ypres Salient via Dranoutre to Armentieres.

JULY 1915.

1st - Billeted in farms at village of Dranoutre.
594 Lance Sgt Harland James. Home at 105 Victoria Rd, Middlesbrough. Born Borrowby. Enlisted at Sandhutton. Killed in action on the 1st July 1915. Commemorated at R.E. Farm Cemetery.
2nd - Battalion relieved 5th DLI in trenches D3, D4 and 14 and Supports.
3rd to 6th - In trenches. 2 ORs killed and 5 wounded.

3088 Pte Nicholson Daniel. Home at Swinemoor, Gate House, Beverley. Enlisted Beverley. Killed in action on the 3rd July 1915 aged 24. Commemorated at R.E. Farm Cemetery.
1877 L/Cpl Williamson Edwin. Home at Bishop Burton, Beverley. Born and enlisted Beverley. Killed in action on the 5th July 1915 aged 18. B Company. Commemorated at R.E. Farm Cemetery.
6th - Relieved by 5th DLI. Returned to billets in Dranoutre until 10th.
2598 Pte Roberts Walter. Home at 17 Cherry Tree Tce, Beverley. Enlisted Beverley. Killed in action on the 6th July 1915 aged 20. Commemorated at R.E. Farm Cemetery.
7th - Grenadier Platoon of 40 men under 2nd Lt Barber formed.
10th - Relieved 5th DLI in same trenches where stayed until 16th. 2 ORs killed and 17 wounded.
11th - Capt H Brown awarded the DSO.

2551 Pte Kilpatrick Peter. Home at Hanultons Yard, Whitby. Enlisted Whitby. Killed in action on the 11th July 1915 aged 18. Commemorated at R.E. Farm Cemetery.
1987 L/Cpl Garbutt Wesley Shaw. Home at Sowerby, Thirsk, Yorks. Enlisted at Scarborough. Died of wounds on the 12th July 1915 aged 19. Commemorated at Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension.
16th - Relieved by Royal Fusiliers. Returned to Dranoutre billets.
17th - Spent day in billets. Night march to Pont De Nieppe. [about three quarters of a mile West of Armentieres.]
Billets in Chateau, where stayed until the 24th.
On 21st Capt DH Walker, 2ndLts LT Tracy, IA Sleightholm, CH Rose, PDJ Waters and EGS Corry joined Battalion from England.

1736 Pte Langrick William. Home at Market Weighton, place of birth. Enlisted Scarborough. Died on the 20th July 1915. Commemorated at Longuenesse St Omer Souvenir Cemetery. Hospital.
24th - Went into trenches 79, 80 and supports East of Houplines relieving 149th Brigade. In these trenches until 1st August, during which time Lt Woodcock and 2 OR wounded.
1499 Pte Brough James. Home at Pickering, N Yorks. Place born. Enlisted at Malton. Killed in action on the 26th July 1915 aged 28. Commemorated at Strand Military Cemetery.
29th - 2nd Lts EM Robson and JS Robson joined Bn from England.
Pte Addison Alfred. Home at Sanderton [Hutton], York place of birth and enlistment. Died on the 30th July 1915 aged 25. Commemorated at Le Treport Military Cemetery, nr Dieppe. Hospital.

The village of La Chapelle d'Armentieres was some 2 kilometres from the centre of the town.
The frontline trenches about 1 kilometre beyond this.

1st - Relieved by 4th Yorks Battalion and went into billets in Asylum Armentieres in Brigade Reserve.
5th - Relieved 5th DLI in trenches 76, 77, 78 and Supports.
6th - 1 OR killed. Capt Brown invalided to England.

2161 Pte Webster John Robert. Home at Thornton Dale, place of birth. Enlisted Pickering. Killed in action on the 6th August 1915. Commemorated at Strand Military Cemetery.
7th - Battalion relieved by 5th Loyal North Lancs and 9th DLI.
Returned to billets in Pont De Nieppe, where stayed until 13th.
13th - Battalion relieved 5th Border Regt in trenches 69, 70 and 71a, where stayed until 22nd. 1 OR wounded.
21st - Sgt ER Saltonstall gazetted 2nd Lt.
The Trenches in front of La Chapelle d'Armentieries.
Showing Trench numbering system, Communication trenches leading up to the front and Reserve trenches, similarly numbered, behind.

22nd - Relieved by 4th East Yorks Bn and went into Brigade Reserve in Armentieres, where stayed till 25th.
25th - Moved to Pont De Nieppe where billeted in the Chateau, where stayed till 31st.
27th - Draft of 5 men joined from England.
28th - Battalion inspected by General Sir H Plumer, Commanding 2nd Army.
31st - Battalion relieved 5th Border Regt in trenches 74 and 75, where stayed till 3rd Sep.
During this period 4 ORs wounded.

3rd - Battalion relieved by 5th DLI and went into Brigade Reserve in Asylum, where stayed until 5th.
5th - Relieved 4th Yorks Battalion in trenches 76, 77, 78, where stayed until 12th.
During this tour 1 OR was killed and 2 wounded.

2091 Pte Hastings William. Home at 9 Caledonia St, Scarborough. Born and enlisted at Scarborough. Killed in action on the 8th September 1915 aged 20. He had been repairing the trench parapet.
His Company CO, Captain James Thompson, wrote to his parents:-
It is with the deepest regret that I write to you to offer you my most sincere sympathy in the loss you have sustained by the death of your son. He was in my platoon and was unfortunately killed the morning I returned from visiting England. His death was the most terrible blow to me as I had the highest opinion of him, and had always found him to be a most excellent soldier and I cannot speak too highly of him. I shall miss him terribly, as he was always so cheerful and willing to do anything for me. He died as he lived, as a soldier and a gentleman. Again offering you my deepest sympathy.
Buried in Strand Military Cemetery.
12th - Battalion relieved by 6th DLI and went into billets in Armentieres, where stayed till 18th.
18th - Battalion [less A Company] went into trenches, where stayed until 24th.
During this period 1 OR was killed and 4 wounded.
Draft of 27 OR joined from England.

2528 Pte Johnson George L. Home at Norton Malton, place of enlistment. Killed in action on the 19th of September. Commemorated at Chapelle D'Armentieres Old Military Cemetery.
24th - 5th DLI took over trench 71 from B Company. A, B and C Coys in supporting line. A, B Coys held in readiness to make attack if necessary. Sgt CH Dell gazetted 2nd Lt.
25th - Remained in same trenches.

2785 Pte Berriman George. Home at 97 Quay Rd, Bridlington, Yorks. Son of George and May Berriman. Killed in action aged 19. Commemorated on the Menin Gate, Ypres.
Annals of Bridlington:-
A letter came from the young hero’s commanding officer stating that Pte Berriman was killed instantaneously on May 15 by a shell bursting in the trenches. He was buried the same night, and his grave marked. The officer, in conveying his and the regiment’s deep sympathy, enclosed the deceased’s diary, watch, pocket book, and other belongings.
The diary which the deceased had written on both sides of a piece of paper taken from his pocket book contained an account of his adventures at the Front, as follows:-
April 17, Saturday, left Newcastle; 12pm, left Folkestone;
April 18, arrived in France, and went to rest camp;
April 19, left -- at night for -- leaving there in trucks for --,
April 20, marched from -- to billet in farmhouses at --;
April 21 and 22, still in farmhouses;
April 23 (Friday), left by motor bus for Front, near camp near Ypres;
April 24 (Saturday) morning, left rest camp for Hill 60 among Zouaves - first four casualties; left Hill 60 to proceed to reserve trenches under maximum rifle and heavy shell fire. Germans advancing in huge masses;
April 25, Sunday, still Supports. Canadians retreat;
April 27, Tuesday, left for first line of trenches. We relieve London RB and repelled German advance;
April 28, Wednesday, shell fire;
April 29, Thursday, relieved by 4th Yorks, and removed to rest camp;
April 30, Friday, in rest camp; Friday night, shelled by Germans, and took to trenches. Seven horses killed;
May 1, Saturday, at 8pm left rest camp, which was shelled half an hour later, and partly destroyed. Arrived in a field and camped for the night in comfort;
Sunday, May 2, spent mostly in bed.
Remarks: Struck by the absolute devastation of villages in vicinity of Ypres, not a whole house. Aeroplanes, Sunday and Monday nights;
May 2 and 3, moved to farmhouses; Tuesday, addressed by Sr John French.
Pte Berriman enlisted last November, and left home on Martinmas Day. He celebrated his 19th birthday in February, when he was training for the service of his country. His parents had asked him not to enlist until he was old enough to do so, but he had told them that he thought he would be wanting in his duty to his country if he waited until February, and seeing that the lad was persistent, they did not stand in his way. He had been in the Town Clerk’s office at Bridlington a clerk for four years and had shown promise of a successful career. He won a Grammar School scholarship at the Bridlington Central School, and spent three years at the Bridlington Grammar School. He was a good French and Latin scholar, and knowledge of the languages had proved very useful to him on his arrival on the French shores. He had freely conversed with the French soldiers, and in interesting letters to his parents he has told them of his experiences and the many new friends he had made. He also sent them French coins and French journals. The young hero, like many others, had had to rough it, but had never complained; he was too much occupied with the thought of his duty to his country to think of personal inconvenience. A life full of promise has been cut short, but the parents, who had made great sacrifice to give him a good start, have sorely missed him, though they know he has gone into an honoured grave. Much sympathy has been extended to the bereaved parents, the father, who is a native of Kilham, being a well-known local preacher in the Bridlington Primitive Methodist circuit. Pte George Berriman was a bright and smart fellow, and was hon. secretary of the Bessingby Cricket Club, which has now lost two of its prominent members, the other being Cpl Chas Fowler, who was killed on the second day that the gallant 5th East Yorks went into action , which was within a week of arriving on the French shores.

26th - A and B Coys returned to Asylum. 2 ORs wounded.
27th - Battalion HQ returned to Asylum. 2 ORs wounded.

200424 Pte Knowles William. Home at 26 Buck St, Middlesbrough. Born and enlisted at Middlesbrough. Killed in action on the 27th September 1915 aged 23. Commemorated at Ploegsteert Memorial.
1454 Pte Wharton Harry. Born and enlisted at Scarborough. Killed in action on the 27th September 1915 Commemorated at Chapelle D'Armentieres Old Military Cemetery.

340 Sgt Warriner Cecil. Home at 14 Cliff Street, Bridlington. Born Hilderthorpe. Killed in action on the 27th September 1915, aged 28 Buried in Chapelle-d’Armentieres Old Military Cemetery.
Annals of Bridlington - , The dearly loved husband of Olive Mary Warriner. Official notification has been received in Bridlington by his young widow, of the death of Sgt Cecil Warriner, of ‘A’ Company. He was the son of Mr and Mrs Job Warriner, joiner, ‘Loch Lomond,’ New Burlington Road, and in their bereavement the sympathy of all will go out to Mrs Warriner and to the father and mother of the gallant young soldier. No more estimable young fellow graced the British Army than Sgt Cecil Warriner. He was born in Bridlington, and at school, at his trade, and in all his relationships, he was a credit to his parents and his native town. He served his apprenticeship as a compositor with Mr Brown, King Street, and was a first-class workman. He was one of the type of young fellow who did not wait for work to come to him. When there was a prospect of trade being slack in Bridlington, his habit was to go to the big centres and there find work. His comrades of the workshop not less than his comrades in the field, were his friends. He was born a soldier. He was quite young when he joined the Burlington Volunteers, and from the day of his joining none were more punctual or more regular in their attendance at drills and other duties than he. He was not long before he had the confidence and respect of his superior Officers and today Major Wetwan and all his old Officers and men deplore the loss of one who was looked upon them by them as a man well worthy not of their regard only,
but of their friendship. In all his relationships he was to be admired - capable, loyal, temperate, considerate, courteous, efficient, and at the age of 28 he has laid down his life for his country. It is the passing of a hero. Only five or six weeks ago he was on a visit to his home. He was a home-bird, had not the call of duty taken him away to France; and his one regret was that which is the regret of all gallant soldiers so blessed, that he had to go and leave behind him his wife and two little children. He knew well what he was returning to. He told his father before he went away that hard fights were coming, and that the ‘war had not started yet.’ Sgt Warriner met his death by being struck with a shell. He never regained consciousness. His remains were laid to rest in a cemetery near the spot where he was killed. Loving hands laid him to rest, the local soldiers of his own company paying his remains a soldier’s last tribute of respect. Condolences from the trenches. On Tuesday forenoon, Sgt Harry Fowler, of the Signalling Section, 5th Yorkshire Regiment, left Bridlington, returning to the Front, after a brief holiday. He arrived home on Friday morning, bringing with him some of the belongings of his close personal friend, the late Sgt Warriner. He brought with him also messages of condolence from the gallant lads who are out there facing death in order to hold down the German enemy. A Free Press reporter had a few words with Sgt Fowler on the platform. He said Sgt Warriner was killed by the explosion of a whizz-bang, and that there had been, unfortunately, no hope for him from the first. The loss caused grief to pass over the lines, and the loss also at the same time and by the same shell of young Pte Wharton, of Scarborough, was deplored. Sgt Fowler was present at the interment of the remains of his friend in a little cemetery not far from the spot where he was killed. It was a sad scene. Flowers were put on the grave, and it will be tended by the soldier lads as long as there are any in the vicinity. After that the kind-hearted French people will see that it is still lovingly tended, for they are a people who honour heroes. At the station on Tuesday, Sgt Fowler received from young Mrs Warriner’s sister a box of flowers to place on the grave of the gallant dead. With her on the platform was the little girl, apparently about two years old, Sgt Warriner’s daughter, a smiling little child. She has an infant sister, born in June last. The scene was a tragically sad one. Sgt Fowler himself lost a brother in the great fight on Sunday, April 25, Cpl Charles Fowler. Grief and joy. Mr T. Bacon, florist, Bridge Street, and Horsforth Avenue, has received an interesting letter from his son, Pte Arthur Baron, of the gun section of which the deceased Sgt Warriner was sergeant. He says: ‘I am still in the trenches, this being the eleventh day. The weather has been very bad this time, raining nearly every day, so you will guess with what joy we shall turn our backs on the trenches this time. I expect you will have heard the awful news of poor St Warriner’s death. It happened on Monday morning, during ‘stand to,’ about four o'clock. The first news we had at my team was about five, when one of the others came to tell us. We could hardly believe it for it came as such a shock. The Sergeant lived about 15 minutes, although unconscious. I went down to the spot at once, and met them bringing the bodies away.’
28th - C Coy returned to Asylum. D Coy still in Lille Post.
29th - A Coy relieved D Coy, which went to Asylum. No change on 30th

Ruins of Armentieres.

1st - The Battalion relieved 4th Yorks Bn in 69, 70 and 71a trenches, where stayed until the 12th.
4th - 1 OR wounded and 2nd Lt Tracy invalided to England.

2023 Pte Jude George Arthur. Home at Heckmondwyke. Born at Hull and enlisted Beverley. Died of wounds on the 4th October 1915. Commemorated at Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension.
. 5th - 1 OR wounded.
7th - Draft of 50 ORs joined from England.
8th - 1 OR killed.
9th - Draft of 23 ORs joined from England. Lt Dymond wounded.
10th - 1 OR killed and 1 wounded.

1792 Cpl Allinson Bernard. Born Pocklington, enlisted Scarborough, Resided Hull. Killed in action on the 10th October 1915. Commemorated at Chapelle D'Armentieres New Military Cemetery.
12th - Battalion relieved by 4th Yorks Bn and returned to billets in Armentieres.
14th - Battalion relieved 5th DLI in trenches 67 and 68, where stayed until the 20th.
15th - Draft of 17 OR joined from England.
17th - Lt Vause wounded.
18th - 1 OR wounded.
20th - Battalion relieved by 4th Yorks Bn and returned to billets in Armentieres.
22nd - Battalion relieved 5th DLI in trenches 71, 72 and 73, where stayed until the 28th.
During this tour 3 OR were wounded.
28th - 4th Yorks Bn relieved Battalion, who returned to Armentieres billets. 2nd Lt HS Lambert joined Battalion from England.
30th - Battalion relieved 5th DLI in trenches 69, 70, 71a.
31st - 1 OR wounded.
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