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Ypres - Sanctuary Wood - Battle of Bellwaaarde.

Pte Harry Betts.

MAY 1915.

1st - C Huts Ypres till 8.0 pm. Night march to Brandhoek.

2004 Pte Betts Harry. Home at 60 Tindall St, Scarborough. Born and enlisted at Scarborough. He left a widow and four children. Prior to the War he had been a tailor. Died of wounds on the 1st May 1915. aged 31. Commemorated at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Hospital.
2nd - Arrived Brandhoek 12.0 am. Left at 8.0 pm.
3rd - Arrived Abeel 3.0 am. Left 4.45 pm. Arrived Steenvoorde at 7.30 pm.
4th - Billets Steenvoorde. Addressed and complimented by Field Marshal Sir John French:-

4th May. 50th Div HQ at Steenvoorde moved to Poperinghe and 1st May 5th Bn to Brandhoek.

"I have come here this morning to express to every single Officer and man how much I admire the splendid behaviour of the Battalion in the fighting which has gone on during the last ten days. The 5th Yorkshire Regiment has suffered heavily. You have had one Officer killed, one Officer wounded, twenty eight men killed and one one hundred and five men wounded.
When you came out here you were called upon very hurriedly and you had very little preparation. Things do come that way, very suddenly, in War. The call came through of the disgraceful conduct [gas] of the people who are fighting us, who call themselves soldiers, but who behave in a very unsoldierlike way. In the circumstances we could not wait and had to do the best we could. I do not want to go into details of that fight, because there were other British soldiers engaged. I want particularly to talk of the splendid conduct of the men of the 50th Northumbrian Division, and especially of your Battalion. I wish to compliment every one of you.

On the night 3rd-4th May 1915 allied troops were withdrawn to the red line running round Ypres at a distance of about 3 miles.

I am very grateful to you, for all you have done. I think your conduct magnificent.
Whenever I am speaking of Territorial soldiers I find it very difficult adequately to express how strongly I feel on the subject. I had a good deal to do with Territorial soldiers before the War, when I was Inspector General of the Forces, and I have always said that when the Territorial Force was called upon, and put to the test, it would not be found wanting.
A good many of our countrymen did not agree with me. But you have shown right well that not only were you found not wanting, but that you were capable of taking your place and fighting splendidly in accordance with the best traditions of the British Army.
Your conduct has been superb. Nothing is more difficult than to come out in the ordinary way of routine as you did and then suddenly to be called upon to fill a breach that has so suddenly occasioned.
You showed a spirit of splendid patriotism months ago when, leaving your work and homes, you volunteered for foreign service, though originally you had only taken the responsibilities of home defence. This you did in defence of the British Empire, and whilst others remained behind, you have come here to do your duty and have done it and have set a magnificent example.
I am sure that when your fellow countrymen fully realise your magnificent behaviour, they will thank you as I thank you now. I feel confident that you will keep up the splendid record that you have established whenever you are called upon."

2975 Pte Jackson James. Home at Gretna Bridge. Enlisted Darlington. Died of wounds on the 4th May 1915. aged 18. Commemorated at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery. Hospital.
2279 Pte Reed John. Home at Bridlington Rd, Nafferton Driffield. Born and enlisted at Bridlington. Died of wounds on the 4th May 1915 aged 22. Commemorated at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Hospital.
5th to 8th - Billets at Steenvoorde and on 8th ordered to be ready to move forward at 2 hours notice.
9th - Battalion left Steenvoorde in buses and went into subsidiary trenches about 1 mile West of Vlamertinghe and stayed till 11th.
Lt NR Crockatt, 2nd Battalion, Royal Scots, took over the Adjutancy.

2160 Pte Brigham Walter. Born and enlisted at Beverley. Killed in action on the 9th May 1815. Commemorated at Wimereux Communal Cemetery.
11th - Moved in the evening to open field near Brielen, where Battalion dug in. Stayed here till the 15th.
Capt Bagshawe and Lt Spofforth invalided to England.
12th - C Company went to trenches in Sanctuary Wood where they were attached to the Lienster Regiment.
Stayed there until being joined the whole Battalion on the 18th.
13th 14th - A, B and D Companies provided working parties nightly.
15th - Battalion less C Coy moved to C Huts about 1 mile North West of Ypres.
16th - Battalion shelled out of the C Hut camp.
2nd Lts WA Turnbull, O Barton and HP Bagge joined Battalion from England.
17th - Battalion had one man wounded in C Huts and C Coy one wounded in Sanctuary Wood.
18th - Battalion joined C Coy in Sanctuary Wood.
Attached to 81st Brigade, 27th Division. 2 ORs wounded.

2277 Pte Bradley Harold George. Home at 90 Westborough, Scarborough. Born and enlisted at Scarborough Died of wounds on the 18th May 1915 aged 20. Commemorated at Scarborough Manor Road Cemetery.
19th - A and B Companies into trenches. Attached to DCLI and Royal Irish respectively.
Capt T E Dufty was killed by a shell.
Capt Thomas E Dufty.

Capt Dufty Thomas Ernest. Son of Arthur Richard and Kate Dufty of Nottinghamshire. A book records that he had lived with his parents and seven sisters at Beacon House, Flamborough and played cricket for the village. Husband of Beatrice Dufty of Deepdale, Meads, Eastbourne. Educated at Bridlington Grammar School. Killed in action on the 19th, aged 35. Notice of his promotion to Captain arrived on the day that he was killed. Buried in Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery.
Annals of Bridlington - It will be with profound regret that the people of Bridlington will learn of the death in action of Capt. Thomas Ernest Dufty, of Bridlington, serving in the 5th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. The deceased officer was manager of the London Joint Stock Bank, King Street, Bridlington, when the war broke out and was in camp with the local ‘B’ Company (‘Burlington Rifles’) in Wales. He remained with the regiment in training in Newcastle-on-Tyne and had been in France for several months. He was a brave man and no officer in the Army was more respected or more popular with the men than Capt. Dufty, who was gazetted Captain on the day preceding the notification of his death.
In Bridlington Capt. Dufty was well known. He began his professional life in the Bridlington Branch of the York City and County Bank, now the London Joint Stock Ban. After holding similar appointments at Market Weighton and Hull, succeeded to the charge of the branch, four years ago. A little over two years ago he joined the Burlington Rifles as a Second Lieutenant in response to an appeal made for young Officers, and, as was his way, he applied himself to the duties of the position with diligence.
In other walks of life he was conspicuous in the town and district. On the retirement of Mr B. Heselton, Capt Dufty became hon secretary of the Lloyd Hospital, a position he held at the time of his death, and a work to which he brought a great deal of sympathy, and if he had been spared would have proved a good friend to the hospital. The flag of the hospital in honour of his memory was put at half-mast on the sad news of his death being received. He was a sportsman in every sense of the word - a member of the Bridlington Cricket Club and the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club, and an enthusiastic tennis player, at which he was very proficient. He is survived by Mrs Dufty and their little son, aged two years. The blow has been severe, and it has prostrated the young widowed lady, who in her sorrow will have the sympathy of the community. Mrs Dufty is a daughter of Mr Holmes J.P., of Hull, and is at present residing in Hull.

A letter from a Pte T Bannister stated:- "He was visiting our Trenches previous to going in and had nearly got back to us when a shell burst near him."
20th - C and D Companies relieved A and B Companies in trenches. 2 men killed.
Pte Stephen Dalby.

"Friendly Fire".
1741 Pte Dalby Stephen. Home at 33 Olinda Place. Killed in action on 20th May 1915, aged 32. Commemorated on the Menin Gate Ypres. He was killed by a bullet wound whilst in the trenches.
Annals of Bridlington - News has been received of the death of Pte Stephen Dalby of ‘A’ Company 5th Yorkshire Regiment. He was a member of the Bridlington Rifles and was for many years in the employment of Messrs R. Bailey & Sons, painters and decorators, Quay Road, Bridlington. In a letter to his brother, Quartermaster Clancy (writing on May 21, 1915) states: "I am sorry to say that your brother Stephen was killed yesterday. Captain Purvis will be writing, but I want you to call on his widow and your poor mother, so that they will not get such a shock. I know it is a sad blow to you all. Poor Steve was accidentally killed by one of our own rifles, which makes the case harder. Everybody in the company is sincerely sorry that poor Steve has gone. He was liked by us all. He was a good soldier, and kept in splendid spirits through the most severe engagement. Capt. Purvis is greatly saddened by the sad occurrence, and there is a gloom cast over the whole company." He was formerly a member of the National Reserves, and joined the Bridlington Territorials at the outbreak of the war.
The 5th Yorks Bn were part of the line in Sanctuary Wood.
The enemy in Shrewsbury Forest.

During part of that time he was orderly to Capt. J. R. Purvis, and went out from Newcastle to France with the regiment about April 20. He was a favourite with Capt. Purvis, and was also greatly liked by his comrades. He leaves a widow, for whom the deepest sympathy is felt.
[Photographs of Capt Dufty and Pte Dalby and personal information kindly contributed by Mike Wilson of Bridlington.]
1140 Pte Ellacott Arthur Henry. Home at 279 Wellington Rd, Stockport. Born and enlisted at Driffield. Killed in action on the 29th May 1915 aged 21. Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
21st - Battalion still in Sanctuary Wood. One man killed. One wounded.
724 Pte Smith James. Born and enlisted Scarborough. Killed in action on 21st May 1915 Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
22nd - Battalion relieved at night by the York and Lancaster Regt. Returned to C Huts.
Casualties for tour. One Officer and 3 other ranks killed and one died of wounds.
23rd - Battalion remained in C Huts.
24th - German Gas Attack in the early morning.
Battalion paraded at 4.0 am and marched to Point of Assembly, being attached to the 2nd Cavalry Division.
Remained on roadside til 6.0 pm. when returned to C Huts. About 11.0 pm ordered up to GHQ Line. 1 wounded.

1546 Pte Clark William. Home at 72 Eastgate North , Driffield, Yorks, place of birth and enlistment. Killed in action on the 24th May 1915 aged 19. Commemorated at Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension.
25th - Reached this about 2.0 am but found it full. Dug in just in rear.
Shelled at intervals during the day.
4 ORs killed and 4 wounded. Moved that night up to Zouave Wood close to Hooge.

Lt Turnbull wrote of the conditions -
‘We entered the trenches about midnight, we found them very uncomfortable, as there was only one dug-out for our company, and the Officers were worse off than the men, for while they have a fire trench of their own, we have nothing.
I spent six hours making myself a shelter in a communication trench, a sort of sofa with a waterproof sheet above it, cut out of one side of a five-foot trench. I worked most of the night throwing earth up to shield my bed, as the Germans were sniping at our parapet all day long. Meals were wretched, as we had nowhere decent to eat them, and we also lost our principal ration bag, containing tinned fruits and other joys"
Effect of Shelling on Sanctuary Wood.

547 Pte Addison Harry Walter. Home at Sledmere. Born Weaverthorpe. Enlisted at West Sutton. Killed in action on the 25th May 1915 aged 25. Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
1901 Pte Berriman Herbert. Born and enlisted at Driffield. Killed in action on the 25th May 1915 aged 26. Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
3101 Pte Duck Roland. Home at Stable Cottages, Skinningrove, N Yorks. Enlisted at Saltburn by Sea. Killed in action on 25th May 1915 aged 18. Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
1731 Pte Hopper Alfred. Home at Pocklington. born Driffield. Enlisted Scarborough. Killed in action on the 25th May 1915. Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
2035 L/Cpl Jackson Ernest. Home at 10 Queen St, Scarborough. Born and enlisted at Scarborough.
Killed in action on the 25th May 1915.
His D Company CO wrote to his family:-
‘Dear Mr. Jackson. I much regret to have to inform you of the death of your son, Lance Corpl. Jackson, of my company. A shell burst in the trench and he was killed instantly. We buried him at night, and his grave is marked. I am sorry to lose such a capable young soldier, but he died for his country doing his duty to the last. With deepest sympathy.’
Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
Private Ronald Gough had written home :-
‘Just a few lines to let you know that I am still alive and in the best of health. I am really suffering from overwork, because we have had a good deal to do just recently. I am very sorry to inform you that that Ernest Jackson was killed yesterday, of course, I cannot write where. Poor kid, he was killed instantly, so he would not have had any pain. He has done his duty to his King and Country… One can only thank God for the escapes that one has every day. I am sitting in the trenches writing this, and the birds are all singing, the cuckoo in particular. You would hardly think that such a war was going on, the bullets whizzing over your head, and the shells screaming. We got slightly gassed the other day, it was awful stuff. It makes your eyes ache and gets into the lungs. Some men further up the line were terrible, staggering like drunken men’
26th - Battalion were in trenches in Zouave Wood until the 1st June. Had to dig in.
3 ORs killed. Lt Clarke wounded and 8 ORs.

2970 Pte Harry Tom. Home at 11 James St, Scarborough. Enlisted at Scarborough. Killed in action on the 26th May 1915 aged 41. He had been hit by a sniper.
Popularly known in Scarborough as ‘Dickie’, Tom Harry had been born in the town during 1874 at No 11 James Street and had been the only son of Hannah and ‘Warehouseman’ Richard Harry. A labourer prior to his enlistment into the Fifth Yorks at their Headquarters in North Street during February 1915 Tom had been the husband of Ethel Harry who had been living with their two years old son at No 27 Roscoe Street where she had received a letter early in June from an officer of No10 Platoon, Lieutenant H.P. Bagge, informing her of her husband’s death in Flanders:-
‘Dear Mrs Harry, It is my painful duty to have to inform you that your husband Private T. Harry No 2970 was mortally wounded about 2pm yesterday afternoon, May 26TH, and died about 7-30pm He was always a good soldier, always did his duty, and was very popular with all his comrades, and all who had anything to do with him. He has been buried close to where he had fallen’

Commemorated at Menin Gate Ypres.
27th - 3 OR wounded and Lt JS Wadsworth invalided to England.
28th - 1 OR wounded.

1943 Pte Laybourne George Albert, Home at 9 Auboro St, Scarborough. Enlisted Scarborough. Died on the 28th May 1915 aged 20. Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
29th - 1 OR killed and 8 ORs wounded.
1969 Pte Miller William Robert. Home at Scarborough. Born Malton. Enlisted East Ayton. Died of wounds on the 28th May 1915. Commemorated at Bedford House Cemetery.
1840 Pte Lenton Charles William. Home at 40 Pepper Lane, Hunslet, Leeds. Born Norton Malton. Enlisted Scarborough. Killed in action on the 29th May 1915 aged 19. Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
30th - 1 OR killed.
2643 Pte Pickering Hughie. Home at 32 Old Maltongate, Malton. Enlisted Malton. Killed in action on the 30th May 1915 aged 19. Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
31st - 1 OR wounded.

1st - 7 men wounded. Relieved at night by the Lincoln Regiment. Relief not complete till 2.0 am.
MG Section never relieved at all and shelled badly next day, one MG being punctured with a bit of shell.
2nd - Battalion, less MG Section, returned to a field about half a mile South of Vlamertinghe, where bivouacked.
3rd - Joined by MG Section early in the morning. One OR wounded.
4th - Battalion moved in afternoon to F Huts about 1 and a quarter miles further SW till 6th.
6th - Battalion relieved 1st Northumberland Fusiliers in trenches 7 and 12 in Sanctuary Wood. 2 OR wounded.
7th - 1 OR wounded.
9th - 2 OR wounded.
10th - 2 OR wounded.
11th - 1 OR killed, 1 OR wounded.

1451 Pte Hotham Charles. Home at 11 The Pavement, Pocklington. Born and enlisted at Pocklington, Yorks. Killed in action on the 11th June 1915 aged 22. Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
12th - Relieved by 7th DLI tonight and left in early morning, returning to F Huts, where stayed until 16th. 1 OR killed and 1 wounded.
1593 Pte Perrin Harry. Home at 1 Soulby Yard, Greengate, Malton. Malton, Yorks. place of birth. Enlisted Pickering. Killed in action on the 12th June 1915 aged 22. Commemorated at Hooge Crater Cemetery.
1588 Pte Melbourne Edward. Born and enlisted at Beverley. Died of wounds on the 15th June 1915. Commemorated at Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension.
16th - Battalion ordered to field about 1 mile West of Kruisstraat where dug in. 3 OR wounded.
17th - Spent morning in these trenches and moved into adjacent dug outs in the afternoon.Mbr> Moved up to trenches in Sanctuary Wood in the evening, where stayed until the 23rd. 1 OR wounded.
18th - 2nd Lt WA Turnbull and 7 OR wounded.
19th to 22nd - Sanctuary Wood. 1 OR killed and 11 wounded.

3128 Pte Gill Herbert Arthur. Home at 14 Carlow St, Middlesbrough. Enlisted at Middlesbrough. Died of wounds on the 20th June 1915 aged 17. Commemorated at Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension Nord.
1603 Pte Smith Fred. Home at 15 Glednow Tce, Roseville Rd, Leeds. Born and enlisted at Malton. Killed in action on the 20th June 1915 aged 25. Commemorated at Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
23rd - Battalion relieved tonight by 8th Sherwood Foresters. Lt Gorst wounded. 1 OR killed and 5 wounded.
Battalion marched to F Huts where they stayed till 25th.

2214 Pte Garton Albert Edward [Jim]. Born and lived in Bridlington, Fifth son of Andrew and Hannah Garton, 88 [later 96] High Street. Killed in action on the 23rd, aged 26. Commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres.
Annals of Bridlington - News has been received that Pte Albert Edward Garton (Jim), of ‘C’ Company 5th Yorkshire Regiment has been killed in action. The news will be received with profound regret. Pte Garton, who was 26 years of age, enlisted at the beginning of the war, and went out to France in April. Before the war broke out he was with his father as a tailor. He was a well-known player of the Priory Cricket Club team and the Excelsior football team.
"I am writing you from the trenches to tell you some very painful news. Late this evening, during a long period of shelling, we unfortunately had two or three casualties, including one killed. This I regret to say was your son, Pte Alfred Edward Garton. I assure you his relatives have the deepest sympathy from everyone in ‘C’ Company 5th Yorks Regt. He was such a nice fellow, always willing to do his duty and cheerful. Please let me offer you my personal sincerest sympathy, and I do hope you will all bear up in your bereavement, and remember he died for his country, and in that you’ve something to be proud of. I know your feelings, but looking on the other side it cannot be a nice feeling for anyone now in this time of need by his country to be staying at home, and your son did his duty. He was buried by his comrades, and a cross marks the place not far from Ypres. I may add he was hit by a piece of a whizz bang, badly in the head and arm, and would not suffer, as he died almost immediately. His personal belongings and letters will be forwarded later. I think I can tell you nothing more, but shall be pleased to answer any query.
Yours sincerely, Wilfred Vause, No.11 Platoon Commander, ‘C’ Company, 5th Yorks.
Mr and Mrs Garton have two other sons serving with the colours: Pte Cecil Garton, of the 5th Yorks Regt, who is at home wounded, and Pte Fred Garton, with the National Reservers at Winchester. Much sympathy will be extended to the parents and relatives of the deceased in their sad bereavement.

550 Sgt Frankish Thomas Lumley Home at Kirby Grindalythe, Wharram, Malton. Born Rillington, Yorks. Enlisted West Sutton, Yorks. Died of wounds 150624 22 Commemorated at Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension Nord
25th - Battalion marched with Brigade to Dranoutre, where Coys billeted in farms. Stayed here until the 2nd of July. Battalion HQ on outskirts of village.
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