Alexandra,  Princess   of   Wales's   Own


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Attestation Form 3 Years with the Colours.
Attestation Form 4 Years with the Territorial Force.
Attestation Questions put to a recruit.
Description on Enlistment.
Casualty on Active Service.
Medical Report on an Invalid.
Military History.
Opinion of a Medical Board.
Military History Sheet.
Medical History.
Regimental Conduct Sheet.
Statement of Services.
Proceedings on Discharge.
Proceedings on Discharge.
Medical History.
Medical Board Report.
Proceedings of a Medical Board.
Proceedings of a Medical Board.
German POW Evidence Form.
French ID Papers.
Photograph sent to Next of Kin of Wooden Grave Marker.
Notification of Soldier Missing in Action.
Notification of Soldier Missing or Taken Prisoner in Action.
Notification of Death.
Postcard from the Front to Prevent Leak of Secret Information.
Warrant for Third Class Rail Travel.
Location of Grave Enquiry Form.
Commission Document 1918.
Agreement to Overseas Service by Territorial Force soldier.
Separation Allowance to Wife and Children.
Award of Widow's Pension.
Situation Report Form From The Front.
Discharge Certificate for the Territorial Force.
Recruiting Agent Form.
Charge Sheet.
Pay Roll.
Bread, Meat Ration Form.
Officer's Claim For Travelling Expenses.
Conduct Sheet.
Forage Return.
Hospital Discharge Form.
Indemnification Claim for Losses.
Minor Offence Report.
Morning Sick Report.
Pay Form for Use in the Field.
Proceedings Form.
Transfer of Clothing Form.
Agreement to Service Abroad.
Account Lodging Money.
Horses Forage Allowance.
Pay Mess Book.
Proceedings at a Court Martial.
Proceedings On Discharge.
Proficiency Pay.
Effects, Will Form.
Pay Book 1917 and Pay Book Will Form.
Special Reservists - Attestation.
Fox R. Treatment Card, Service Record, Receipt for Discharge Papers.
Informal Will Form. T W Lofthouse.
Prisoners of War. German records from Hameln, Soltau and Dulmen Camps.

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