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Special Reservists - Attestation.

8946 Pte Joyce Edward. Died in UK. Home at 111 Duncombe St, Middlesbrough. Born 1881, he had served as a Regular in the Army and in 1901 was at Fulford Barracks, York.
He left the Army and worked as a Hot Straightener in the local Steelworks at Middlesbrough.
He re-enlisted or was recalled as a Reservist on the 4th September 1914, when his papers show that he had served in the 4th Battalion and "time expired", which probably indicates that he had joined the local Territorials for a period after 1908.
This raises the question of what obligation ex-Regular Soldiers had as Reservists, when the First World War broke out and if they had any automatic attachment to their local Territorial Force unit in the meantime.
After re-enlistment 1914, Edward was at some time allocated to the 8th Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment and served in France from the 26th August 1915 to the 15th September 1916.
He was diagnosed as suffering severe effects of diabetes, invalided home and discharged as medically unfit on the 4th December 1916.
He died at home on the 5th March 1919 and is buried in North Ormesby Cemetery, Middlesbrough, N Yorks.
[Photograph of Headstone and information was kindly contributed by Ray Wilkins of Middlesbrough.]

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