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Pte 201713 Robert Fox. Treatment Card, Receipt for Discharge Papers, Service Record

Pte Robert Fox.
4905/201713 Pte Robert Fox volunteered for service on the 9th August 1915. He was not legally old enough until he turned 18 on the 26th of that month.
After training he joined the 4th Yorks Battn in France on the 12th March 1916 and served to 5th July 1917.
For some unknown reason there is a break in service before he re-joined on 11th Sep 1917 and served abroad again until 6th Feb 1918.
On the 23rd December 1917, he cut his thumb badly while sharpening a butcher's knife, causing eventual permanent disablement and he was discharged from the Army in April 1918.
Robert Fox died on the 7th December 1962, aged 65.
[The documents, photograph and information have been kindly contributed by Robert's son, Malcolm Fox.]

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