Alexandra,  Princess   of   Wales's   Own

Prisoners of War.
German records from Hameln, Soltau and Dulmen Camps.

Paul Bollands has kindly contributed the following pages.
His Grandfather, 3570 Pte Walter Bollands, was moved between all three Camps and is shown in the first example.
Walter had enlisted as a "boy soldier" in the 1/5th Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment and was wounded, aged 16yrs 9mths, about the 15/16th September 1916 on the Somme at the Battle of Flers Courcelettes.
After recovery in the UK he was transferred to the Highland Light Infantry and was taken prisoner in the German Spring offensive of April 1918.
The German prison camp records show that this was on the 9th April 1918 at Levantie in the German advance on the River Lys.
He was taken to Lille and then held at Dulmen, Hameln and finally at Soltau POW Camps.
Walter survived the War and went on to serve in the Second World War in the Royal Artillery.

"Gefangennahme" = "where captured".
"Verwundung" = "wounded".
"Vorhergehender Aufunthaltsort" = "previous whereabouts".
"keine" = "not"

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