Alexandra,  Princess   of   Wales's   Own

Eston, Normanby, Lackenby and Upsall Roll of Honour.

The following scans have been contributed by Eric Barker of Stoke.
His Grandfather served with the 8th Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment and lived in Eston, N Yorks.

The following men of the 4th Battn are on the 13 pages of this roll of honour.
Applegarth W, Eston.
Armitage J W, Normanby.
Baines Charles, Eston.
Baines H, Eston. TF.
Barr R, Eston. TF.
Bates J, Eston. TF.
Beazley M, Eston. TF.
Beazley T, Eston. TF.
Bell H F, Eston.
Bell J, Eston.
Bell T H, Normanby.
Burton A, Eston.
Cant F J, Eston. TF.
Coates S, Eston.
Coleman W. Eston. TF.
Cook C, Eston.
Cox G T, Eston.
Davies J T, Eston.
Drew G W, Eston. TF.
Drew James, Eston. TF.
English R, Eston. TF.
Fairman M, Eston.
Garbutt A, Normanby.
Gardiner C, Eston.
Gill H C, Eston. TF.
Gill R, Eston. TF.
Gore W, Normanby.
Hanson W H, Eston. TF.
Hanson C R, Eston. TF.
Hardisty E, Eston. TF.
Hardwick E H, Eston. TF.
Hardwick G H, Eston. TF.
Hardwick S A, Eston. TF.
Hardwick W G, Upsall. TF.
Hewitt A, Normanby.
Holdsworth A E L, Normanby. TF.
Hollinshead S G, Eston.
Hunt R J, Normanby.
Jackson B J, Normanby. TF.
Jackson T H, Eston. TF.
Jackson W J, Eston. TF.
Jarvis F, Eston. TF.
Kyme T, Eston. TF.
Lacey J, Eston.
Leaf E P H, Eston.
Markham C E, Eston. TF.
Metcalfe W M, Eston.
Moore Frank, Eston.
Moore W M, Eston.
Muxlow E, Eston. TF.
Olford A W, Eston.
Parker Spencer, Eston. TF.
Pengilley G W. Eston. TF.
Plews E, Eston. TF.
Richards H, Normanby.
Sanderson A, Lackenby.
Sellars C, Eston. TF.
Sellars W, Eston. TF.
Serginson J, Normanby.
Seymour F, Eston. TF.
Seymour T F, Eston. TF.
Shaw James, Eston. TF.
Smith J G, Eston. TF.
Storr F, Eston.
Storr H E, Normanby.
Thompson W J, Normanby.
Trafford R, Normanby, TF.
Vaughan James, Eston. TF.
Vickers H, Normanby.
Wake Thomas, Normanby. TF.
Wanless J W, Eston. TF.
Waugh E D, Eston. TF.
Whiteside H, Eston. TF.
Williams J R W, Normanby.
Wiltshire P B, Eston.
Yaxley J H, Normanby.

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