Alexandra,  Princess   of   Wales's   Own

NCOs of the 4th Yorks Battalion receiving some instruction in First Aid. The date and location is not known and could be after the War, as the photograph is part of a collection preserved by Lt Col William Whitesmith Constantine who served with the 4th Battalion throughout the War and afterwards.
[Kindly donated by his nephew Simon Barnard.]

Postcard of General French's visit to the Territorials' Annual Camp, 1908, held at Redcar, N Yorks. He was Chief of Staff of the British Army at the start at the start of the First World War and was replaced by General Douglas Haig in December 1915.

Redcar High Street, N Yorks on the occasion of General French's visit to the Territorial Force Annual Camp 1908. Illustrating the great patriotism felt by the British people at that time and also the extreme world-wide nationalism that was one of the causes of the First World War.

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