Alexandra,  Princess   of   Wales's   Own

Territorial Force Efficiency Medal.
Issued between the formation of the Territorial Force on 8 April 1908 until 1921 when it became the Territorial Army.
Qualification was 12 years service, with War service counting double.
Reverse was “Territorial Efficiency Medal” on 3 lines.

Territorial War Medal.
A rare medal issued to men who had been:-
Members of the Territorial Force on the 4th August 1914, or Members who had completed four years or more service prior to the 4th August 1914, and rejoined prior to 30th September 1914.
And had also:-
Volunteered prior to the 30th September 1914 to serve outside the United Kingdom.
Actually served outside the United Kingdom between 4th August 1914 and 11th November 1918.
Were not eligible for the 1914—1915 Star.

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