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Page 54. German advance - Pozieres Memorial.

Position of the front line on the 27th March 1918.
The 4th Yorks path of withdrawal shown in green.

25th MARCH.
The Btn had snatched a few hours rest at Marchelpot.
They were then detailed to make a counter attack at 7 a.m.
When the Brigadier of 150th heard that his exhausted men were to be sent once more into battle he entered a strong protest, but it was too late to make any alterations.
About 3 a.m the Btn was in position about one thousand yards North East of Licourt with the East Yorkshires on the left.
Diary "In the morning the Btn with the 4th East Yorks, on our left, was ordered to attack the enemy, who had crossed the River Somme by St Christ Bridge.
This attack was to be supported by some French Troops, one Tank, some armoured cars and an Artillery barrage, but nothing was ever seen of any of these.
Zero Hour was continually postponed, until about 10.0 a.m the enemy attacked.
Our line was held until the enemy worked round our flanks.
Our line at this time East of Licourt.
One Company of the Btn fought on until they were surrounded.
The remainder fell back about half a mile in the direction of Misery, where they held an old trench for seven hours. About 6 p.m. as touch could not be obtained with any other uit and as small arms ammunition was running short, Lt Col Wilkinson of the 4th East Yorks, who had taken over command of the detachment, ordered a retirement to the railway line North West of Misery.
After about half an hour a further retirement was ordered to a line East of Fresnes.

The East Yorks Diary - "It was an uneven fight, for always we were outnumbered. If a German was shot down there were half a dozen ready to take his place; but we had no reserves.
During the evening touch was obtained with 150th Brigade HQ and orders were received to join the remainder of the Brigade at Ablaincourt, which place was reached about midnight.
The 5th and 4th Yorks and 4th East Yorks, in that order, occupied trenches immediately East of the village.
By now they had lost so many men they formed one Composite Battalion. The strength of the Units at this time being 4th Yorks Btn 110, 4th East Yorks 300 and 5th Yorks 140.

Capt Hollingsworth and 2Lt D J E Lamb, who was wounded 26th March 1918.
[Photograph kindly contributed by John Sheen, author of Tyneside Irish, Durham Pals, & Wearside Battalion.]

The Brigadier recorded that from the morning of the 25th to the concentration of the Brigade West of Amiens on the 1st April the battalions ceased to fight under the orders of the Brigade, but were attached to the 24th Inf Bde of 8 Div and later to 20th Division.

204248 Pte Harrison Alfred. Home at - 145 West Percy St, North Shields. Enlisted at Newcastle upon Tyne. Died of wounds. Age 32.Buried at Pargny British Cemetery
20892 Pte Layburn Robert, Harold. Born and enlisted at Middlesbrough, N Yorks. Killed in action. Commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial.
46529 Pte Place William. Born and enlisted at Beeston, Leeds. Killed in action. Commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial.
201988 Pte Rosewell Herbert. Home at Easton Bristol, place of enlistment. Born at Totterdown. Died of wounds. Buried at Rosieres British Cemetery.
28299 Pte Smith George. Of North Eastern Bank Chambers, Marton Rd, Middlesbrough. Born at Barnard Castle and enlisted at Middlesbrough. Age 34. Commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial.
26th MARCH.
Diary " Early in the afternoon the Brigade withdrew through Lihoms to Rosieres En Santerre, which place was reached about 5 p.m. The Brigade dug in here, facing South East, and held the position throughout the night and all the following day. We were in Support, with the 4th East Yorks on our Left.
German Regiment.
[Picture from - "Das Archiv zum 1. Weltkrieg ".].

The 5th Yorks Btn and 8th D.L.I. were in the Front line. Casualties 2nd Lt R Campbell wounded and missing. Lt M.W. Macnay and 2nd Lt D.J.E. Lamb wounded."
15 other ranks were killed in action this day. The following 6 are commemorated on the Posieres Memorial.

240760 Pte Buckle Robert, Henry. Home at Normanby, Sinnington N Yorks. Enlisted at Malton, N Yorks.
235092 Pte Desborough Arthur. Born and enlisted at Finedon Northants.
205306 Pte Dixon Jack. Born and enlisted at Hull.
201996 Pte Greaves William Henry Home at The Kings Arms Hotel, St John's Chapel, Weardale, Co Durham. Born Yeadon and enlisted at Darlington. Age 43.
38764 Pte Lightbown John. Born and enlisted at Darwen.
16757 Pte Swinburne Henry. Home at Malton N Yorks. Born at Richmond and enlisted at Scarborough, N Yorks.
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