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Page 49. Last days of Passchendaele.
Flanders Mud.
[Picture courtesy of - "The Heritage of the Great War".].

1st NOVEMBER. The Btn was relieved by the 8th Btn D.L.I. "after a very trying time of 6 days in shell holes and mud."
21190 Pte Bell William, Henry. Home at South Bank, N Yorks. Born at Barrow in Furness and enlisted at Middlesbrough. Killed in action. Commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial.
1338/201411 Pte Clark Herbert, Henry. Home at - 62 Cromwell Rd, S Bank, Middlesbrough, N Yorks, town of enlistment. Died of wounds. Age 26. He had enlisted in the 4th Yorks in 1912. Buried at Dozinghem Military Cemetery.
201878 Pte Elsworth William. Home at - 32 Green Rd, Skelton in Cleveland, N Yorks. Born at Wakefield, Yorks and enlisted at Northallerton. Died of wounds. Age 38. Buried at Dozinghem Military Cemetery.
Ypres Salient 1917.
The Green line shows the Front after the withdrawal of 1915.
The Red line shows the Front at November 1917 and the Blue the section where the 4th Btn were operating.
Just to the East of Ypres is Potijze, where the Transport and QM Stores were shelled on the 23rd December causing severe loss.
33142 Pte Fuller James, John. Home at - Chedgrave Loddon Norfolk, place of birth. Enlisted at Norwich. Died. Age 20. Buried at Longuenesse St Omer Souvenir Cemetery. ex Norfolk Regt.
201909 Pte Pitts John. Home at Bradford , Yorks and enlisted at Richmond, N Yorks. Died of wounds. Buried at Wimereux Communal Cemetery.
Lt Herbert Charles Hale. Died of wounds received near Ypres on 29th October 1917. Age 27. Home at 26, Cadogan Terrace, Victoria Park, London. Attended the Sir John Cass Technical Institute and commissioned from the University of London Officer Training Corps. Buried at Dozinghem Military Cemetery.
21180 Pte Kerr Thomas. Home at - 20 Grier St, Parkhead, Glasgow. Middlesbrough, N Yorks, place of enlistment. Born at Ballyhag, Monlaghan. Died of wounds. Age 28. Buried at Dozinghem Military Cemetery.
201330 Pte Wilkinson William, Dixon. Home at 12 South St, Guisborough, N Yorks, place of enlistment Died of wounds. Age 27. Commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial.
6th NOVEMBER. The Btn moved to Sarawak Camp, which was in a very bad state, unsanitary and muddy.
45105 Pte Riley Lance. Born and enlisted at Jarrow, Co Durham. Died of wounds on the 7th. Age 23. Buried at Mendinghem Military Cemetery.
24997 Pte Duckworth Herbert, J. Home at - 87 Laing St, Grangetown, N Yorks. Born Eston and enlisted at Middlesbrough, N Yorks. Died of wounds on the 9th. Age 24. Buried at Eston Cemetery, N Yorks.
11th NOVEMBER. The Btn entrained at International Corner Station and travelled to Watten, a village to the West of St Omer, far from the Front. From Watten they marched to Tournhem where they found very good billets in "ideal surroundings." Here they stayed until the 1st December.

The Tyne Cot Memorial.
Situated about 9k from Ypres the Memorial is on the North East edge of Tyne Cot Cemetery.
It commemorates around 35,000 men who were killed in the area and have no known grave.
In the case of the UK, men who lost their lives after 16th August 1917 are remembered here.
Those who died before this date are on the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres town,
25 men of the 4th Yorks Battalion are commemorated.
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German Infantry, Ypres Salient, December 1917.

244709 L/Cpl Bruce Harold. Home at Beverley E Yorks. Enlisted at Guisborough, N Yorks. Died of wounds on the 19th. Buried at Beverley [St Mary] Church Cemetery.
30370 L/Cpl Hayton Alfred. Home at - Wass Ampleforth N Yorks. Born South Cave, Yorks and enlisted at Coxwold, Yorks. Died of wounds on the 20th. Buried at Etaples Military Cemetery.
5532/28414 later 242722 Pte Iley Joseph. Suicide on the 25th. Son of Joseph and Lucy Iley. Home at 13 Disraeli St, Middlesbrough.
Employed as a labourer before the War, he enlisted at Richmond, N Yorks on the 9th December 1915 and served initially with the 5th Yorks Battn.
While on ammunition delivery duty on the 30th June 1917 he suffered appendicitis and was operated on for this at a Casualty Clearing Station.
The Battn were in the Arras area at the time, but he told the medical authorities in the UK that he was "on the Somme". He was evacuated back to the UK and spent 5 weeks in the Military Hospital High School Edinburgh. On being discharged he was sent before a Medical Board at Ripon, N Yorks on the 20th November for assessment
He complained of pain at the site of the operation, constipation and the area was distended, causing difficulty in putting on equipment.
The Medical Officer thought he was exaggerating, but he was given 6 months incapacity leave and a payment of �10 10 shillings down and �1 a week for 17 weeks. The issue of a Silver War Badge was authorised.
Before he received any of these, while at home on the 25th November 1917 he hanged himself with a rope attached to the bedroom door. The Coroner's verdict was temporary insanity.
Cpl Amos Marley.

He left a widow Mary Elizabeth Iley who re-married in 1920. He is buried in Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough.
204024 Pte Ware Frank. Home at 2 Middlecave Rd, Malton N Yorks, place of birth and enlistment. Died on the 30th. Age 19. Buried at New Malton Cemetery, N Yorks.

1608 later 200210 Cpl Marley Amos was in Catterick Hospital with wounds, believed to be shrapnel in the leg, presumably received at Ypres just before this time.
Amos went to France when the 4th Yorks first went 18th April 1915 and no record of his having been previously wounded.
His home was in Charlotte St, New Skelton, N Yorks. Enlisted in 1913.
He had worked in North Skelton Ironstone Mine from the age of 13, starting as a 'trapper' or 'rapper' lad, opening the ventilation doors to allow the horse drawn tubs of iron ore to pass.
The Invalidity Board in the hospital report below states that he was expected to make a full recovery, but he was issued with the Silver War Badge to distinguish him from civilians who had never served.
At some time he was recalled or re-enlisted, for in 1919 he was in Jerusalem as 66449 Pte Marley, with the 1st Yorks Battalion, as part of the Army of occupation. See page for this year.
He was honourably discharged that same year and went back to work in the North Skelton Mine. He died in 1970.

Amos Marley's photograph and all information has been kindly contributed by his Grandson, Kevin Harvey. of Brotton, N Yorks.

30th NOVEMBER. Diary records effective strength at start of month as 40 Officers and 894 other ranks and 42 Officers and 913 other ranks at the end. Lt H.C. Hale had died of wounds. 5 other ranks wounded and 2 missing. 172 other ranks had been received as reinforcements and the following Officers - Lt C N Carleton-Stiff, 2Lts J R Cook, T L Bynon, W Fletcher, W E Cook, W H Jones, L Brewin and W H Ibbetson.

2nd DECEMBER. The Btn marched to Le Bas and on the 10th travelled by train to Brandhoek, about 7k to the West of Ypres. The next day they marched to Whitby Camp and were used as Divisional Working Battalion.

33038 Pte Padget Edward, Percy. Home at Brotton Yorks, place of birth. Enlisted at Middlesbrough, N Yorks. Died of wounds. Age 21. Buried at Ypres Reservoir Cemetery.
2907 Pte Sigsworth J T. Died on the 12th December. Buried at Boosbeck [St Aidans] Churchyard. N Yorks.
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