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Page 7 - May 1915. Battle of St Julien losses.

On the night 3rd-4th May 1915 allied troops were withdrawn to the red line running round Ypres at a distance of about 3 miles.

Other names mentioned in despatches were:-
Capt W. W. Constantine,Capt T. H. Hutchinson, Lt W. P. Orde-Powlett, Reg Sgt Maj P. D. Denman, Coy Sgt Maj J. F. Myers, Pte E. Broadley [stretcher bearer], Pte J. H. Royle and Pte J. Hood.
16 men were killed this day, 2nd May, and all are commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial.

1562 Pte Banks Thomas Edward. Born at York. Enlisted at Brafferton, Helperby, N Yorks. Killed in action. Age 21.
2110 Pte Binks Peter Home at - Askew Bedale N Yorks. Born at Wath, Yorks and enlisted at Northallerton. Killed in action.
1780 Pte Brabiner Robert A. Home at Helperby N Yorks, place of birth. Enlisted at Brafferton. Killed in action.
1155 Pte Burn Joseph William. Home at - 4 Primrose Tce, Brompton, Northallerton, N Yorks, place of birth. Enlisted at Northallerton. Killed in action. Age 22. Born 18 April 1893.
In the few days prior to his death Joseph Burn had managed to write home.
"Dear Mother,
Just a line hoping you are all well as it leaves me at present.
By the time you receive this you will have seen we have been in action & that we lost Joe Taylor of Northallerton.
All Brompton lads are alright.
We are having a rest now.

Pte Joseph W Burn.
Killed in action, 2nd May 1915.
[Photograph kindly donated by his Great Nephew, John Burn.]

If you get Wilf Parker's address off Lucy, mine is the same except name and number (1155).
When you write will you please send me a small bit of brown twist, not too much as we get shag dished out.
Well I think this is all just now - so look after Jess.
From your loving son,

1711 Pte Hood John Henry. Home at 18 Moorcock Row, Lingdale, N Yorks. Killed in action. Age 28.
1478 Pte Garbutt Septimus George. Born and enlisted at Brompton, Northallerton N Yorks. Killed in action. Age 19. The youngest son of William and Annie Garbutt of Cockpit Hill, Brompton. He had 5 brothers, who all fought in France. He was probably killed by a German sniper.
2720 Pte Gill Thomas William. Home at North Skelton N Yorks. Born at Thirsk Yorks and enlisted at Newcastle on Tyne. Killed in action.
1998 Pte Hardwick Ernest Harper. Home at - 35 Gladstone St, Eston, N Yorks. Enlisted at Middlesbrough, N Yorks. Killed in action. Age 26.
67 Pte Chapman George. Home at - West View, Romanby, Northallerton, town of birth and enlistment. Killed in action. Age 24.
Corporal Chapman was born in Northallerton and his parents were called George and Alice.
His wife's name was Elsie (nee Wells), with whom he lived at West View in Romanby.
George was a bandsman in the Territorial Band and a keen football player, playing for the Territorial's team.
A Sergeant Wilf Parker, of the 4th Yorkshires, wrote to his friend in Northallerton:-
"...The worst day we had was Sunday, when the Germans started to advance.
Pte Henry J Royle.
At about 4.30 their Artillery commenced to shell us and they didn't half send the shells flying.
Then the Germans came out of their trenches and we let them have it.
We kept firing away, but then they sent their gas shells among us.
Oh dear! the smell is fearful. The poor fellows in the thick of it are absolutely helpless.
It gives one a horrible feeling and one hardly knows what he is doing.
Just at this stage George Chapman got killed..."

1829 Pte Hutchinson Alfred. Home at - Askew, Bedale, N Yorks, place of birth. Enlisted at Northallerton, N Yorks. Killed in action. Age 20.
1729 Pte I'Anson Henry. Born and enlisted at Thirsk N Yorks. Killed in action.
2719 Pte Jacques Isaac. Home at 37 Richard St, North Skelton N Yorks, place of birth. Enlisted at Northallerton, N Yorks. Killed in action.
Pte Wilfred Elwell.

1592 Pte Morrell Thomas. Home at Whixley, Yorks. Born Newton, Yorks and enlisted at Helperby, N Yorks. Killed in action. Age 19.
1567 Pte Render George Septimus. Home at Bratherton Helperby, place of birth and enlistment. Killed in action.
1664 Pte Royle Henry James. Home at Rosedale Abbey, Pickering, N Yorks. Born at Hembury, Macclesfield. Enlisted at Guisborough, N Yorks. Killed in action.
1437 Pte Telford Allan. Home at Oxendales Yard, Northallerton, N Yorks place of birth and enlistment. Killed in action. Age 24.
3 MAY.
At night the Battalion returned to "C Camp" under shell fire.

2294 Pte Elwell Wilfred. Home at - 129 Essex St, Middlesbrough, N Yorks, place of enlistment. killed in action. Age 22. Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
[Photograph kindly contributed by Ray Wilkins of Middlesbrough.]
Pte Albert Brigham.

Pte Thomas Wood.

2071 Pte Brigham Albert. Home at - 15 Talbot St, Middlesbrough, place of birth and enlistment. Killed in action. Age 20. Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
183 CSM Preston Ernest. Home at Brotton N Yorks. Born and enlisted at Redcar, N Yorks. Killed in action. Age 34. Menin Gate Memorial Ypres.
386 Pte Wood Thomas. Home at 137 High St, Skelton in Cleveland, N Yorks, place of birth and enlistment. Killed in action. Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres.
[Photograph kindly contributed by his Great Nephew, Graham Smallburn of Birmingham.]
1785 Pte Best Sidney. Home at Darlington, Co Durham. Born at Welbury and enlisted at Catterick, N Yorks. Died of wounds. Age 19. Buried at Boulogne Eastern [Hospital] Cemetery. He had joined the Territorial Force in 1913.
484 Sgt Jones Jesse. Home at - 9 Hewitt's Buildings, Guisborough N Yorks, place of enlistment. Born at Mitcham, Surrey. Died of wounds. Age 47.
Sgt Jesse Jones.

Jesse was born in Surrey in 1868, but was baptised in Guisborough, N Yorks in the same year. His father, George had brought the family North where he could obtain work in the local Ironstone Mines.
By the time Jesse was just 13, he was working himself underground in the Mines, leading the carthorses that pulled the tubs of ore to the pit bottom.
At the 1891 census he was recorded as a Mines Deputy at the early age of 23.
His Battalion number and Rank indicate that he had been a Volunteer in his local Territorial Company for some years before the War.
At the age of 47 he did not have to enlist for service abroad, but every man in the 4th Yorks Battalion volunteered to go.
Like most others, Jesse's service and medical records have been lost, but the family were told that he had half of his face blown off and he could not have survived.
He was only a little chap in stature, barely five feet, but he was a giant in other respects.
He left a widow, Catherine [Kate] and three children George, age 18, Selina, 11 and Ethel, 5. One child had died and his wife had at least 2 still births.
He is buried at Bailleul Communal [Hospital] Cemetery Extension (Nord)

Photographs kindly contributed by Jesse's Grand-daughter, Margaret Ainsley of Skelton in Cleveland, N Yorks.

4th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment probably at an Annual Camp. Only man identified is Sgt Jesse Jones.

British Soldiers after being "gassed".

Local paper:-
News has reached Eston, N Yorks that 3 men of the 4th Yorks have been wounded in the fighting last week-end. Their names are Ptes R English, G Smith and T Penghilly.

The many friends of Dr J B Stead, will be sorry to learn that news was last night received at his residence, Everdon, Coatham, Redcar, N Yorks to the effect that his son Lieut Kenneth Stead was wounded at the front on Saturday.
An NCO in a letter home had written of him - "His people would be proud of him if the could see him. He is doing good work and seems to have no fear."
Lieut Stead is now at home happily recovering from a severe wound in the chest sustained through being struck by a piece of shell a fortnight ago, whilst on duty in the trenches with a machine gun.

The ruins of Ypres.

He told a Gazetter reporter today [12th May] that no praise was too great for the behaviour of the men since they landed in France.
Their conduct was warmly appreciated by the officers, who were proud of the part the Territorials had played in the fighting line.
The men were a credit to the Riding. Their coolness and steadiness was remarkable and a cheerful spirit was always revealed.
[Lieut Stead later joined the Army Air Corps and was killed in aerial combat on the 4th February 1917.] News has been received that Pte J Lewis of Lazenby, N Yorks, of the 4th Yorks has been badly wounded.

Private E Young, 4th Yorks, son of Mr Alf Young, headmaster of the Harrowgate Hill Boys School, Darlington, has been wounded in the thigh and is now in Hospital at Cambridge.

Private F Dargan, of the 4th Yorks, one of Warrenby's splendid contribution to the fighting forces, is now at home recovering from the effects of wound which he received in the recent fighting. His younger brother is with the colours. Their father, who is a well known Warrenby Irishman is also serving his country.

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