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The basic idea of this website was to show the amazing story of sacrifice and bravery that is the 4th Yorks' Battalion War Diary and to insert at the appropriate dates the names of all the men who gave their lives.
An index at the end would enable anyone interested to refer back to the date and see what happened to a particular individual.
My personal interest in all this was my own Grandfather, 1828 Cpl Herbert Cook, who served with the 4th Yorks Battalion and died of wounds on the15th January 1917. He had previously been awarded the Military Medal.
I have never been able to find out any details about either incident.
I am by no means an expert on the First World War and this website is the result of my search and the realisation of how much will probably never be known about all of these brave men.
Over the past few years I have had many contributions, which have made this collection of facts and images about the Battalion much more expansive and unique.
Any more new facts, photographs, suggestions for corrections and improvements etc are welcomed and will be acknowledged.
I have acknowledged the source of most of the photographs that I have used by means of a link under each one and in any case believe these to be legally in the public domain.
The maps have been redrawn by myself, to try and indicate the particular involvement of this Battalion.
If anyone has copyright to any other facts or images and objects to their use here, please email the address below and the item[s] will be removed.
Any of my own material can be freely copied by others for NON-COMMERCIAL use.
Please acknowledge the original source where shown and this website in any re-display.

This website has been selected for preservation by the British Library UK Web Archive and the content is copied at regular intervals.
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Bill Danby.

Many thanks to the following people, who have contributed photographs and information.

Margaret Ainsley, of Skelton, Grand-daughter of Sgt Jesse Jones who died of wounds on 3rd May 1915.
Peter Appleton, of Skelton, Grandson of L/Cpl Fred Appleton, who served throughout the War and survived.
Geoff Atkinson, of Ellenbrook, W Australia, Grandson of Sgt J F Atkinson, MM.
Mark Atkinson, Great Nephew of Pte Joseph Atkinson, who was killed at Ypres on the 29th October 1917.
Tony Atkinson, of Wadeville, S Africa, Grandson of L/Cpl Alf Atkinson. MM, wounded 27 September 1916.
Nikola Bailie, of York. Great Niece of Cpl David W King, who died at Rouen on 14th February 1917.
Marion Barker, of Sydney, Australia, Niece of CSM Ernest Radford, who was wounded 25 Sep 1916 and died 10 July 1919.
Simon Barnard, of York, Great Nephew of Capt Herbert Norman Constantine, who was killed at Craonne, Aisne on the 27th May 1918.
Mark Alan Baxtrem of Redcar, N Yorks. Relation of Sgt Francis Baxtrem, killed in action on the 24th May 1915 at Ypres.
Adrian Beane, Great Nephew of Pte Charles G Beane, died of wounds on the 14th January 1916.
Simon Beeston, Great Grandson of Pte James Charles Watts, who was killed in action on the 27th February 1916.
Michael Bennison, of Ayrshire for photograph of Pte Henry Bennison, who survived the War.
Andrew Berwick, Great Nephew of Cpl Harry Leeks, who was killed on the 11th January 1917.
Alan Best, Great Nephew of Albert P Emmitt who was killed in action on the 26th March 1918.
David Blanchard, of Skipton for photographs and information about the Battle of the Aisne.
Paul Bollands, Grandson of Pte Walter Bollands who was wounded Sep 1916 and taken POW in Spring 1918.
John Burn, Great Nephew of Pte Joe Burn, who was killed at Ypres on the 2nd May 1915.
Val and Keith Burton, Stokesley Heritage Group for Photographs and information on men of the town who fell in the First War.
Stuart Castle, of York. His relation James Castle was killed in action on the Aisne on 27th May 1918.
Mike Cave, of Darlington. Great Nephew of Frederick Vincent, who was wounded several times and survived the War.
David Charlesworth, For information on Lt Col B H Charlton, who was killed in action 22nd March 1918.
Geoff Clark, of South Cave, E Yorks, Gt Nephew of Pte W Clark, wounded in Sept 1916 and died 17th December 1928.
Harry Clarkson, of Redcar, N Yorks. Grandson of Harold Clarkson, who was killed 29th December 1915, age 37, near Ypres.
Christopher Constantine, Grandson of Lt Col William Whitesmith Constantine MC, who served throughout the War and survived
Steve Cooke, Great Nephew of Sgt Herbert Cooke, who was killed on the 24th May 1915 at Ypres.
Ray Cox, Grandson of Pte P R Macfarlane, who was badly wounded and had to be discharged on 16th April 1916.
Paul Dawson, of York. Great Grandson of George Edward Wratten, who was killed at Hill 60, Ypres on the 14th February 1916.
John Dobson, of North Walsham, Norfolk, Great Nephew of Isaac Dobson, who was killed at Martinpuich, Somme on the 15th September 1916.
Liz Dodds, of Paisley, Great Niece of Richard and Fred Allen. Both died of wounds 22 July 1915 and 15 Jan 1917.
Roger Dowson, for photographs of 5th Bn Men & Pte John Dowson, who died of wounds on the 1st May 1917 at Le Treport.
Graeme Fisher, of the "Drill Halls" Website.
Ken Durkin, of High Wycombe, Grandson of Pte Charles Durkin, who was blinded on the 9th April in the German offensive on the River Lys.
Graeme Forster, of Copley, near Butterknowle, Co Durham, Grandson of Thomas Guy, 5th Battn, killed in action 25 May 1918.
Chris Foster, for photographs from "Craven's part in the Great War."
Martin Fowler, of North Lincolnshire, Great Grandson of George Fowler, who was badly wounded on the 15th September 1916.
Malcolm Fox, Son of Pte 201713 Robert Fox who was invalided out in April 1918 and survived the War.
Kevin Galloway, of Thornaby. For photo and information about Bn Officers at the Battle of St Julien.
Pat Goodship, Niece of Lt William A Harrison, who was awarded the Croix De Guerre and survived the War.
Great Ayton History Society and David Taylor for information on the 11 Ayton men who served and died with the 4th Yorks.
Peter Green, of Stockton on Tees, Great Nephew of Harold Moody, died of wounds, 27th April 1915.
Stuart Hall, of Geelong, near Melbourne, Great Grandson of Pte Harold Clarkson, killed in action 29th Dec 1915.
Dorothy Harris of Saltburn by Sea, N Yorks, Great Niece of Pte Richard M Thorpe, died of wounds, aged 20, on 8th June 1918.
Kevin Harvey of Brotton, N Yorks, Grandson of Cpl Amos Marley, wounded 1917, re-enlisted and survived the War.
Peter Hastie, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne for photograph of Pte Thomas Moore, died of wounds 23rd March 1918.
Roger Hildreth, of Birmingham, Great Nephew of Sgt James Vokes, killed in action on the 28th March 1918.
Chris Holmes, of Surrey for photograph of 4th Yorks Band at Darlington in 1914.
Sue Horn, of Stockton on Tees, Great Granddaughter of Pte Sydney Duckett, who died on the 7th August 1916.
Malcolm Howe, of Ferryhill, Co Durham for the Diary and souvenirs of his Grandad, Cpl Joseph P Howe. M.M. who survived the War.
Simon Jervis, for photograph of Pte C Braithwaite, who survived the War.
Andy Jackson, of Guisborough, Great Grandson of CQMS William J Jackson, who was awarded the Croix De Guerre on the Aisne and survived the War.
Martin Jones, of Ferrensby, nr Boroughbridge, N Yorks. His Gt Grandfather was gassed at Hooge, 24th May 1915, discharged 1916 and re-enlisted with the Cheshire Regt as part of the Labour Corps.
Geofff King, of Pickering, N Yorks for photographs of men from Hawnby and the Ryedale area of N Yorks.
William Kirby, of Chester-Le-Street, Nephew of Pte George Kirby who died on the 11th November 1918 and is buried in Cologne Southern Cemetery
Heather Lewis, of Middlesbrough, Great Niece of Pte William H Lewis, who was killed on the 22nd March 1918 in the Somme area.
Carrie Lowe, Great Great Niece of Lt Herbert W Cummins, who was killed at Ypres on the 24th May 1915.
Darren J Lyon, Great Nephew of Cpl Thomas E M Lyon, who survived the War after being twice wounded and made a POW on 27 May 1918.
Allan McBain, Photograph of the plaque in Leeds city centre, Yorks commemorating A/Capt D P Hirsch V.C.
Richard Marshall, of Gerrards Cross, Bucks, Great Nephew of A/Capt Alan Goring M.C. who was POW on the Aisne 27 May 1918 and survived the War.
S C Metcalfe, of the Northallerton Memorials Project for photographs and information on Northallerton and Brompton men who died in the War.
John Moore, of Newcastle on Tyne and native of Flamborough for information on 5th Yorks Battalion men.
Graham R Morley, of Windsor, Berks, Grandson of CSM J G Morley who was taken prisoner on the 27th May 1918 at Craonne on the River Aisne.
Edward Nicholls, webmaster at The Yorkshire Regiment, WWI Remembrance website for various photographs.
Michele Phillips of Perth, Western Australia, Great Niece of Ernest Farrow, killed in action on 23rd Dec 1915.
John Richardson, of Germany, Great Nephew of Herbert Pigg, who served throughout the War and survived.
Mike Richardson, of Ripon, Yorks, Great Grandson of Richard J Lean, discharged 1916 with wounds.
Keith Robinson, of Brisbane, Australia, Great Grandson of Sgt Henry Robinson M.M. who survived the war and was still serving in 1925.
John Sheen , author of Tyneside Irish, Durham Pals, & Wearside Battalion for collection of photographs by Lt Thornton, taken prisoner in March 1918.
John Simpson, of Lympne Kent, Great Nephew of Pte Thomas Wood, who was killed in action at Ypres on the 3rd May 1915.
John S Sly, for information on and postcards sent by Pte Stanley Howes, killed in action at Arras on 24th July 1917.
Graham Smallburn of Birmingham, Great Nephew of Thomas Wood, who was killed in action at Ypres on the 3rd May 1915.
Ian Stubbs, of Middlesbrough.
Catharine Tarrant, Grand Daughter of Percy Garner, POW on 10 April 1918 and amputee without anaesthetic.
Jonathan Theakston Great Grandson of Capt R Theakston, who lost one of his legs in the fighting around Arras in 1917.
Mick Trainor, of New Marske, N Yorks. Great Nephew of A/LCpl Joseph W Scott, who died of wounds on the 10th April 1918.
Christopher Weekes of Horley, Surrey for photograph of L/Cpl W E Kinsey, who was killed on the 13th July 1917 at Arras; and gravestone photo's.
Stephanie Watson, of Stockton on Tees, Granddaughter of Pte Lewis Carline, who survived the War.
Robin Wheeler, Great great Nephew of Capt William L Batty killed in action 25th October 1916.
Ray Wilkins, of Middlesbrough. Great Nephew of Pte Thomas Lofthouse, killed in action at Ypres, 28 Dec 1917. For his friendship, research, all the local gravestone photos and much more.
Simon Williamson, Great Nephew of Robert Williamson, 5th Bn, killed in action 26 March 1918. Grandfather, Arthur, served and survived.
Mike Wilson, of Bridlington, Yorks. Grandson of John W Wilson, Killed in action at Ypres on 25 April 1915.
Christopher Wratten, of Middlesbrough, N Yorks. Great Grandson of Pte George Wratten, killed in action at Ypres on the 14th February 1915.
The Yorkshire Regiment. First World War Remembrance.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission. All the men who died in the First World War.
The Green Howards Museum. [hold a printed copy of this website.]
World War 1 Cemeteries.
Photos of the Great War.
The Heritage of the Great War.
First World War.Com covers all aspects of the War.
The Long Long Trail. The British Army in the Great War.
Pondfarm. Visit the site of the Battle of St Julien.
The Western Front Association.
The Northallerton Memorials Project.
The Stokesley Heritage Group - The Dead Of 1914-18.
My Family in World War I.
Craven's Part in the Great War.
The Drill Halls Project.
Skelton in Cleveland in History.
Prisoners of the First World War - Search ICRC historical records.
The diary of Private Charles A. Johnson, 1/4th East Yorkshire Regt.
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